Teacher Quotes

Teachers Quote: We might be annoyed or sad or happy..their Knowledge comes to the Forefront.

We Cannot work according to our sweet will. On the personal front we might be annoyed or sad or happy. But on entering a classroom a Teacher can see only 40-45 pairs of Eyes ready with their note-books and pens and the responsibility to enhance their Knowledge comes to the Forefront. Whatever her personal tensions or her Mood might be, she forgets everything else, and delivers her lecture to the best of her ability. This is also why teaching is called a noble Profession.


Life and Teacher: Life is the most versatile Teacher…

Life is the most versatile Teacher. It tweaks its ways according to every pupil in its class. It makes sure that every student understands its lesson and delivers what he is expected to. Like any other teacher, even life has special methods of imparting Knowledge. The most popular ones are ‘Free will’ and ‘Error’. These tools should use simultaneously in order to understand various lessons of life. However, this is not what actually happens, and instead we use ‘Free Will’ to eradicate ‘Error’. The key idea behind the formulation of ‘Error’ was continuous learning, and without it no person would be able to learn life long.


About Teacher Quote: Teachers who were supposed to be Teaching morality..Respect

These were Teachers who were supposed to be Teaching morality, ethics, right and wrong to the Students. It is really easy to preach than Practice such things in Life. Certainly Students must also be Aware of this Love Story, Since everything happened within two-three years. Some must be Remembering their previous roles as well. Can they really Respect such Teachers? And what they must have learn’t from their Conduct?