Son Quotes

Be a Friend To your Son: You can remove his Fear of every Kind..that whenever he is in trouble or doubt…Love Him

Remove his in-case fears by assuring him directly and indirectly that whenever he is in trouble or doubt, you will be there to hold his hand. You will not Laugh at his silly Doubts or his stupid Thoughts and you will be there to straighten out his thinking. He can have a good sounding-board in you and you can remove his Fears of every Kind.


Give Time To Your Child: Spend Time with your Son, only Love him, making Money..for the Family

Spend Time with your Son, for him and around him. Let him get the feeling that you not only Love him but that you also Care about him. Do not only feel about him but show it to him and do it often. Did you see the TV show in which a Father had provided everything to his son- TV, VCR, Hi Fi- everything expects his Time. The Father is too busy making Money, thinking that he was doing it for the Family. Infact he is doing it for Himself, too keep himself busy