Self Confidence Quotes

Life Quote: A Lie is called a lie because it is unreal in Nature

A Lie is called a lie because it is unreal in Nature. It is a Creation of a thoughtful mind. A Liar gives birth to a lie and makes it eligible to be accepted. The process of developing, and convincingly delivering a lie generates confidence in an individual. To present untrue statements under pressure, and trying to pass them off as True, develops oodles of Confidence in a Person. With every Successful attempt, a liar gains more Confidence, eventually inviting more and more people to invest their belief in him.


Woman push extra to prove her Point: In Confidence..Negative Successful..winning over

It undeniable that a Woman has to push herself extra to prove her point. Nevertheless, if she feels an increase in Confidence while doing the job, all the strain and effort doesn’t hold too much of Negative emotion. Nothing appears too tough to deal with. Nothing appears hard. You can do anything, as long as you convince yourself that you can. You need not have Power over Men to be Successful, but over yourself. The Story below is all about winning over self.