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PM Narendra Modi– Success/ Failure- Analysis on Corruption, Development, Jobs, Secularism, GST etc BJP vs Congress/ Rahul Gandhi

Here is an analysis/ data & facts related to the actions taken by PM Narendra Modi (BJP Government). Take an informed decision on the success or failure on issues like corruption, secularism, Pakistan, Employment, Demonetization, Development etc. Also compare Congress/ Mr. Rahul Gandhi with Mr. Narendra Modi.

We are a group of few middle class people who are not connected with BJP or Congress but are keen observers and analysts of work being done by our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and the BJP Government. We enthusiastically analyse each of their actions to see how we as Indian citizens are affected,by their plans and actions and how do we foresee our future with or without the supervision of Mr Narendra Modi. We analyse hereunder the success or failure of the top 15 actions taken by the Modi Government in the last 4.5 years :

1. Corruption: Modi Government came in with lot of promises to curb corruption in a major way in the country. Definitely we can still see that corruption is still there, but corruption and cheating is so much deep rooted in our systems that it definitely requires some more time to make India corruption free. We definitely did not see any corruption charges against the Government though we had lot of them in the Congress rule in the previous 10 years (we will share our analysis on rafale in point number 7 under Defence separately in this article ). Mr Rajeev Gandhi in 1985 said that in Indian politics for every 1 rupee spent by the Government only 15 paise reaches the beneficiary and rest 85 paise are lost in the system . With the opening of bank accounts (Jandhan Yojana) of over 35 crore poor people during Mr. Modi’s tenure, plenty of benefits that the government releases (like aids, subsidies, insurance etc), directly reach the bank accounts of poor people without any deduction. A very well thought way to curb corruption. Digitalisation of many major departments like Income tax, PF, passport, railways, licensing, police etc has substantially reduced corruption or bribery that use to exists in these departments. While earlier to get our income tax refund we use to pay an amount to our CA who use to further pay it in the I.T. Department to get our own cheque of income tax refund. But for last 2 years we have been getting it without any reminder, followup or payout directly in our account. Similarly one of our employee submitted a claim for PF and on the 4th day, surprisingly, he informed us that he got the payment. Similarly we can see lot of other routine activities are happening without bribe or corruption just as they have been digitalised (though we can see that bribes/ corruption still exists in some other departments where digitalisation or some remedial measures are yet to be taken). Again we have a distant relative in Madhya Pradesh working in a Government department, who told us that he will never vote for BJP. When asked why, he told that for him the workload has increased manifold and all upper income has disappeared. Though for him it was a big problem, we as Indians can feel better as we can foresee a corruption free India atleast at some stage, say few years down the line if not immediately. Also there has been no improvement in the legal system and it stands the way it was under the Congress Government. Crores of cases are pending and it takes decades to get a final decision. To improve justice in the country some strong steps are required to be done by the Government for sure. Besides we can see that corruption is still there in many departments . Here we would like to give 7/10 to the BJP Government as though lot of work has been done a lot is still to accomplish.

2. Brand India: There is a lot of hype about brand India being uplifted manifold by Mr. Narendra Modi through his style, charisma, public relations and strategy. Does it really hold good? We have few of our relatives staying in Dubai, US, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and France etc. When we speak to them, we find that value and image of Indians has substantially improved in the eyes of people of other nationalities. They themselves could now feel the proud of being Indian. The welcome that Mr. Modi got during his visit to their countries was grand and the way they were greeted by their top leaders was again a matter of pride for them. India is no longer being looked down upon by foreigners but a country which is suppose to be a future leader and super power.. In 2018, Prince Charles came to India personally to invite Mr. Modi to CHOGM Summit Britain, where he headed the meet above the heads of 53 other nations. He was invited by Queen Elizabeth-II as well. This grand honour of our PM from Britain which ruled India for over 200 years , surely makes every Indian proud. Recently in a list released of the strongest nation in the world, India has been ranked 4th just after America, Russia and China. We think Mr. Modi gets 10/10 here as he delivered more than what could have been expected.

3. Cleanliness campaign – Does it really matter- When Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched by Mr. Modi in 2014 we thought this was a small issue and though it is in the interest of the country, it should not get as much hype and resources of the Government as it had started with. But over the years this campaign seems to be doing great work in the following respects:
a) Brand, image and value of India enhanced- A definite boost for tourism and to our own self image as Indians as we see much cleaner cities, towns and surroundings
b) Safety of women by avoiding open defecation (think of a situation where a women goes in the fields at 4 am in the morning)
c) Healthier environment especially for villagers to live in
d) Improves school attendance (specially for girls) due to construction of washrooms in the schools
Now how successfully has BJP manage this campaign? As per the swachhindia.ndtv site, in the last 4 years, the rural sanitation coverage has gone up to 93% from a meagre 38.70% in year 2014 before the start of this Swachh Bharat Mission . Over 8.4 crore toilets were built in the rural areas. Open defecation has reduced substantially. Recently one of my employee asked for some money to build up a toilet in his house in the village as he said that villagers can no longer defecate in the open and the Government will reimburse this amount as soon as the toilet is built. But has these campaign been fullproof? No, definitely not. there have been many washrooms made in remote places where they were hardly required just to complete the targets. In many places the maintenance or management is poor. But with some negatives in picture overall its a great effort. One of my close relative belong to Indore and we had been to Indore multiple times. From a dirty, unmanaged and polluted city few years back, Indore has been revamped to be awarded as the cleanest city in India and it is amazing to see the planning that goes in for waste disposition and management etc. now we realise that it was not a small issue but a never thought of gigantic issue. As again there was no expectation in this regard we give 10/10 to Mr. Narendra Modi for initiating and managing this campaign well.

4. Pakistan Issue handling: By his strong leadership and connect with the world’s top leaders, and under a specific agenda Mr. Modi in these years has been able to reveal the real face of Pakistan. It is now being tagged and understood by most of the countries as a terrorist nation. Its worldwide support has cut down drastically and aids from U.S. and other countries has also being curbed. Surgical strike in 2016 on Pakistan again reiterated India’s strength and intent to Pakistan. Pakistan’s terror funding came largely from production of Indian fake currency which was shattered by demonetization by the Modi government. A good strategic victory for sure for Mr. Modi and India. We give 8/10 to Mr. Narendra Modi’s BJP Government on Pakistan issue as though there has been a very aggressive action against the terrorist we still need to see curbing of regular ceasefire violation by Pakistan.

5. Secularism- We will analyse this point with few questions to start with. As was feared in the beginning , how many communal riots have been there in last 4.5 years? None. How many schemes has Modi Government launched which kept Muslims or Christians away ? None. Though there have been some which were for the benefit of minorities only. Congress, TMC, SP, BSP etc claim themelves to be Secular, then how come Muslims and some other castes which they claim to be standing with strongly, are amongst one of the least developed communities in India ? How come they allowed and supported genocide of over 3000 Sikhs in 1984? Besides, are these so called secular parties concerned only for male members as they have been opposing triple talaak bill being brought in by BJP, which aims at giving equal right and justice to Muslim women ? These facts definitely shows dual faces of so claim secular parties. We strongly feel that the parties who claims themselves to be secular are only trying to please few communities, castes, religions for their political/ vote benefits? People like Mamta Banerjee or CM of Assam have been allowing infiltration of Bangladeshies in huge numbers just to add to their vote banks. These infiltrators use, deplete and snatch away the limited resources that we as indians have (whether we be Hindu, Muslim or Christian etc). We can see that all development schemes be it Free gas connections, Housing scheme, Jandhan Yojana, Health insurance etc launched by Modi Government are there for all and not for only one community. Rather we feel that being from RSS and Hindutva back ground this government has never done any negative for other communities and never prioritized Hindus for any specific benefits. Yes, there have been few occasional incidences where a person of specific community has been harmed or even killed by people of other community (specially highlighted these days are due to cow killing/ beef). But this seems to be applicable to people of every community as somewhere or the other a person of one community is targeted by others and it is our media that probably highlights violence against one community more than that it does for others for their TRP. On this issue, we will not give our point but let people decide on points that should be given to various parties on issue of secularism

6. Defence and Rafale: To combat rival countries like Pakistan and China, Mr. Modi has strategically and tactfully handled relations with not only our neighbouring countries but also with countries like US, Russia, Israel, France, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia etc. This has put us in a very strong position to handle any challenges being posed by China or Pakistan. In 2014, before the new government came in, our Army, Navy and Air force were desperately seeking new generation/ hightech weapons, tanks, marines, aircrafts etc. Very few major purchases were done under Congress rule between 2004-2014 which sharply weakened our defence system. We were hardly ready to take on Pakistan, what to talk of China in terms of our defence capability and inventory. Mr. Modi very well understood this and hence developed and nurtured his relationship with many countries to get best in class, aircrafts, combat weapons, tanks etc. for our country on very high priority. In first 3 years 182 defence deals were signed. Rafael is one of the best deals for our defence which was definitely needed very badly in our system, which was pending in the Congress rule for the whole 10 years. Now, Congress is reiterating again and again about corruption that they feel has happened in Rafale deal. Neither Congress has any basis nor any evidence to justify their claim and hence could not proof anything against the deal in Supreme Court, which gave it a clean chit. Verdict of Supreme Court in Rafale deal is “There is no reason or evidence to doubt the decision-making process in the deal. There is a necessity to induct fourth and fifth generation fighter aircraft and the country cannot remain without these jets”. Just as Mr. Rahul Gandhi could not find any corruption charges against BJP they are continuing with this corruption claim, believing that by saying corruption, corruption, corruption all the time they would be able to convince the people of India that there has been a corruption in the deal. We think that Mr. Modi has now put India in a position where we can look in eye to eye with even China without fear . We would again give here 10/10 for repositioning our defence capabilities.

7. Infrastructure, Roads and Electrification- Modi Government has been quite aggressive in infrastructure development since day 1. A clear difference that can be seen from previous Government’s is, that they too declared starting of the projects, but huge number of projects were either never completed or were completed with long time over runs. Seemingly Modi government has been quite stringent in the completion deadline of the projects besides having completed numerous long pending . The list of completed projects (including dams, bridges, roads, highways, airports, ports etc) is very large and we are surprised why any of the previous Governments could never do it for the country. As per businesstoday.in site the global energy watchdog International Energy Agency (IEA) praised the BJP Government’s effort to achieve electrification of 100% villages in India. They considered it as one of the greatest success story in energy sector. The electrification was done even for the remote villages where it was really tough to lay down the infrastructure. This 100% electrification does not mean that each house in each village has electricity. It only means that electricity has reached their village and efforts are now on to make it reach to every household. Again, businesstoday.in indicates that Modi Government has been able to build 73% more highways in last 4 years than were made under the UPA Congress Government in the previous 4 years. In the first 3 years of the BJP Government itself the road construction has increased by 122 %. A couple of our employees who are from villages tell us that roads in their villages are now very good and they find no problem in commutation. There has been substantial growth in power and energy sector and India has reached 2nd rank in solar power energy from being 7th in 2014. Here we would like to give 7/10 for infrastructure development to the BJP Government especially for their efforts, initiative and for keeping stringent deadlines for completion of each project.

8. Demonetization and GST : These 2 bold measures were taken by the Modi government to curb black money, corruption, fake currency and to improve tax collections especially from tax evaders . Both the systems actually created lot of difficulties even for the people who were actually in favour of these steps being taken . These were really bold step which not everyone dared to take . Highest resistence to demonetization came from political parties and people who were hoarding lot of black money . We actually saw many people around , trying to convert their cash money or to deposit the same in the account of their known ones. The benefits that we could assess due to demonetization were a) tax collections in recent times have increased significantly. b) Cash money now has an address and the Government knows how it is moving in the economy. c) Banks got a boost with increased liquidity d) Large black money and lot of tax evaders were tracked. With all money back into the banking system our economy becomes ready for the much higher growth. A definite loophole that happened in demonetization was that our NDA Government could not visualize that our system has become that corrupt that people could tie up with some bank back door to convert their money. People used steps like deploying labour level people to stand in queues and to get their money converted. This led to reintroduction a lot of black money back in the system. GST too has been resisted by shopkeepers and other business owners who were never paying taxes before and now when they are being forced into a system where it becomes very difficult to evade GST, they have lot of issues. Yes, the new systems are complicated and it takes time for everyone to get comfortable with it. People say that GST has increased prices, whereas we can see that the taxes on some common items like restaurants, movie tickets etc have reduced. In our business, while earlier we used to get the deduction on only service tax paid by us, now we get deduction of GST on not only services but also on goods and other purchases. Maximum resistance again come from people who are not comfortable in paying taxes. Yes though demonetization and GST had their initial problems, they are bold steps in the long terms interest of the country. Here we would like to give 6/10 on demonetization (as BJP could not control major conversion of money that actually happened) and 8/10 on GST as it simplifies the taxation system and is in the long term interest of the country (but BJP took longer time to make the system simple and understandable)

9. Free gas connection to poor families: Under Ujjwala Yojana government has been providing almost free gas connection to poor families and till date over 6 crore connections have been distributed. This step surely improves the lives of women in rural areas/ poor families who had previously been using traditional chulhas/ angeethies which use to create lot of health issues for them. Such initiative could only have been taken by someone who had lived that life. The efforts from the government are continuous, dedicated and synchronised. A sure short thumps up on this to our PM and the government.

10. Make in India/ Startup India/ Skills India

11. Housing for the poor: Our PM Mr. Narendra Modi has declared that the BJP Government will provide a home to each family by the year 2022. In this direction, in the latest speech of Mr. Modi in January 2019, BJP has built 1.25 crore houses for the poor during their tenure as compared to only 25 lakh houses provided by the Congress Government in a similar period previously. The government now gives 1.2 lakh rupees to a poor family to built their house as against 70,000 paid by the Government.

12. Employment/ Jobs generated or not ? The opposition has been targetting BJP for not having generated enough jobs in India. In this article, we have talked about substantially increasing pace of infrastructure development (like roads, bridges, ports, airports, dams etc), increasing power generation capacity, 1.25 crore houses being built for the poor, development of numerous smart cities, 100% covereage of villages in electrification, modernisation of railway stations/ airports etc , huge cleanliness campaign, making of 8.4 crore toilets, opening of 35 crore bank accounts, huge number of factories being added under make in India , huge number of new small ventures being created under Startup India/ Standup India, 6 crore gas connections being distributed etc. Can all these development activities possibly happen without the generation of huge number of jobs? Enough jobs may not have been generated in government sector only alone,but there has been definite addition of numerous jobs in the private sector. Yes, there was some loss of jobs at the time of demonetization as some people who are running total cash business were affected but this was seemingly a temporary face and overall fast developing economy doesn’t seem to be lacking in employment generation anywhere.

13. Strengthening of women: There seems to be a special focus on women and girl child development in our PM Mr. Modi’s agenda . Beti Bachao, Beti padhao is a project run by the Government on large scale to eradicate female foeticide, to protect, develop and educate every girl child. The campaign has been very aggressive on creating awareness to protect girl child and to give them better life and better education. Separate toilets for girl have been built in all schools to reduce drop outs . Enrolment of girls in for higher education has increased multifold in these 4.5 years. Further there have been many schemes to promote women entreprenuers like Mahila E- Haat (which is an online marketing platform for women ) and Standup India scheme which provides easy loans and SC/ ST entrepreneurs. Besides, Triple Talaak Bill is another initiative by the BJP Government to abolish Triple Talaak system in Muslims which is a matter of deep trauma for many Muslim women (though it is being opposed by Congress and other opposition parties). Having listed the above, we had heard that women are very safe in Gujarat and that they can even travel alone at 11 PM at night. Similar expectation was there from Mr. Narendra Modi to have similar security across the country for women leaving aside few small schemes here and there, there has been no countrywide initiative on women security and it remains the same as it was under the previous Government. Overall we would like to give here 6/10 on Women Empowerment to the Modi and NDA Government.

14. Tourism Expansion: Mr. Modi has been very aggressive on making India highly preferred tourist destination in the world. His cleanliness campaign accompanied by making 8.4 crore toilets have made India a much cleaner and light place. Cities are competing with each other to be the cleanest and an attractive tourist destination. Building of Statue of Unity, the longest statue in the world makes India even more attractive to the world as a tourist destination. Some people say that money has been wasted on Statue of Unity as tourism cannot yield that much money. Here, one should understand that tourism income does not only come when a person pays for the ticket of the statue but also when a foreigner visits India for say a month vacation. In France, U.S. And Dubai, what are the things that we remember first while thinking of them as tourist destination – Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower and Burj Khalifa. If these single attractions can make these countries important, Statue of Unity can definitely add to the attraction of India as preferred tourist destination. Mr. Narendra Modi has also declared visa on arrival for NRIs and many specific countries giving a boost to tourism. Besides Modi Government has launched making of theme based tourist circuit and PRASAD scheme for development and beautification of pilgrimage sites to attract tourism. We would give here 9/10 to the ND Government on tourism Government.

15. Health Insurance for the Poor : Under the Ayushman Bharat scheme of the NDA Government, Health insurance of upto Rs. 5 Lakh is being provided to 10 crore poor families (approx 50 crore beneficiaries) per year. This scheme has recently been launched and is one of the biggest healthcare insurance scheme in the world. Till now, lakhs of poor people have been dyeing due to unaffordable medical facilities . Such kind of scheme is definitely a landmark in itself and shows the concern of the Modi Government for the poor. This scheme started from Chhattisgarh but surprisingly the new elected Congress Government has put this scheme on hold on some lame excuses without worrying about the loss to the poor.

16. Relationship with the world and confronting China: With the way of dealing with people and by improving India’s brand image, Mr. Narendra Modi has been able to built very strong relationship with most of the major countries in the world. The relationship and bondings are so strong that he is being invited again and again by the heads of various country where he is given a grand welcome and a very special treatment in almost all meets or summits. Recently when India decided to finalise a defence deal with Russia, U.S. Showed some resistance but with the increasing value of India and due to strong relationships it just became normal almost immediately. Though some people say that Mr. Modi has been enjoying his travel to various countries, he has been rather maintaining a very hectic schedule in all such journeys. Such strong relationship building with so many countries has helped India significantly in trade, development, defence, technology sharing, infrastructure and in gaining strategic advantage over China and Pakistan, the two close rival countries. With such strong worldwide support, increasing defence capability and a strong attitude, India could confront China in Doklam to push the China army back. Very strongly and sternly. Also inspite of resistance from China, India could built a railway line in Arunachal Pradesh, roads in Doklam and an airport in Sikkim. Surely we never had India shine so brightly on the world map ever before.

Very important conclusions- Must read: We have analysed here some of the major infrastructure. Economic and social developments made by the BJP Government under the leadership of our PM Mr. Narender Modi. The opposition parties like Congress, TMC, SP, BSP, RJD etc question and criticise BJP on the ground of what they have not been able to accomplish against their manifesto, commitments and people’s expectations. No one talks about what they have themselves done for the country which BJP could not do and nor about any concrete vision which they have for the growth and development of the country. They have been talking about specific communities, castes and religions though they have done very little for their development when they were in power. They also offer some attractive bait which they can possibly offer for free to the people from the tax payer’s money, in case they are elected. In the above points we have analysed some of the loopholes, implementation lapses and shortage of accomplishment against expectations in the social and economic development plans of BJP

Can readers now try some brainstorming and find out some socio economic accomplishments/ developments done by Congress, SP, BSP, TMC which excels the efforts, intention and accomplishments of BJP. Please do not list their few 100 crore bungalows or properties built by them for themselves and their family members during their tenure.

Our PM Mr Narendra Modi comes from a spiritual background and no one has ever doubted or challenged his concerned for the development and empowerment of the country, intentions, integrity, hardwork or charismatic personality. He has been working day in and day out with some of his top leaders as he seems to have devoted his life for the development and welfare of Indians. He has not built anything for himself and his family members. Can he be compared with any of the other leaders who have made so much money from politics, who misuse their powers for the benefit of their known ones and who take long vacations.

Your comments on this article positive or negative are most welcome and you may add additional parameters to judge the work of BJP Government or if you find some good accomplishments of the previous Governments which you may like to highlight to the readers.

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Disclaimer: In this article we have provided information basis widely known facts, our experiences, information gained from people around us and news published/ reported in any of the national print/ electronic Media. We have tried to keep the information as much accurate as possible, but we do not guarantee exactness of each data as there are multiple sources providing varied information. Besides, some information may have come from one’s perception/ subjectiveness which may or may not look true to others.


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