Learning Quotes

Knowledge Life Quote: These are the same people who acepted knowlege as power, but forgot that power n any form had limits

Today, knowledge is being mastered all over the world, yet people are unhappy and dissatisfied. Their Lives have transformed from being an ecstatic journey to a mechanical pursuit and, everyday a strange void haunts them. These are the same people who accepted knowledge as power, but forgot that power n any form had limits. However, it is not too late to bring back the lost stability in the process of learning.


Being a Good Manager Motivational Quote: must not stop learning..have adequate knowledge…being organized. Systematic…positive, optimistic, friendly

A manager is first a person. He must never forget that. He has his limitations. So he must not stop learning. To learn he must be open. To effectively manage his resources, which could be huge and diverse, or small and limited, he must have adequate knowledge. And constantly upgrade that knowledge base. He must have good work habits. Like being organized. Systematic. He must be positive, optimistic, friendly, keep the good of the company above all else, respect people.


Money, Women & Marriage Quote: don’t give up on your dreams Life is a journey..Keep Learning

Even if you get married to a business tycoon you should not be financially dependent on him. Don’t get married to someone for money or marry somebody who marries you for money. Nobody can give you complete financial security, just like nobody can guarantee you a successful marriage. Time takes it all away in its dreams. So, wherever you are, don’t give up on your dreams. Life is a journey on an endless path. Keep Learning & Keep Working.