Mother Quotes

Be Her Shock-Absorber In Life: Daughters have an awkward Relationship with their Fathers..with their Mothers..easy..relax..two-way communication..

Sometimes, Daughters have an awkward Relationship with their Fathers. They enjoy an easy, relaxed relationship with their Mothers usually but have a difficult time communicating with fathers. Ensure, therefore that you have a two-way communication with your Daughter. It is hard to accomplish but not impossible. Let her have the Confidence that you are always there for her. There are certain aspects of Life that she would like to talk over with you, and not with her mother. Be there for her on such vital occasions.


Teach Your Daughter To Make Decisions In Life: Mothers have to take a decision..Freedom or Money…overprotect..easy Way….

Life is all about making and taking Decisions- when we get up, what to wear, what to eat and so on. Many of us, when we overprotect our Daughters, are in fact harming them. Mothers have to take a decision as to when to give, how much to give freedom or money to their daughters. There is no one way or easy way. It has to be seen in totality.