Inspirational Quotes On Life

Life Truth Motivational/Inspirational Quote : Money accumulated by quick means, vanishes someday

Money accumulated by quick means, vanishes someday in a blink of an eye. Money spent for a noble cause comes back to you many fold, you would never know, from where and why. A billionaire can become a pauper any day by strike of a natural calamity, personal tragedy or a business turmoil but a person who has lived to make happier the lives of others can never really become poor, how much or who may ever try.


Live Being Yourself Inspirational Quote: reality of today’s society..dream world…love story..fantasize a life of a superstar

One of the saddest reality of today’s society is that we are all living and searching for a dream world. Someone is searching for a love story as it existed in fairy tales, someone is searching for success, so big as to make him Bill Gates the next day, some others are searching for a life that seem to exist in some TV shows or movies, some others fantasize a life of a superstar and so on. We have forgotten to live, to live a sweet, special and exclusive life awarded to us.