Happiness Quotes

Live Being Yourself Inspirational Quote: reality of today’s society..dream world…love story..fantasize a life of a superstar

One of the saddest reality of today’s society is that we are all living and searching for a dream world. Someone is searching for a love story as it existed in fairy tales, someone is searching for success, so big as to make him Bill Gates the next day, some others are searching for a life that seem to exist in some TV shows or movies, some others fantasize a life of a superstar and so on. We have forgotten to live, to live a sweet, special and exclusive life awarded to us.


Be Thankful to God Life Inspirational Quote: thank him for giving you eyes, ears, hands, legs, brain

You must always be thankful to god. Thank him for the family he has given you, thinking how many people are orphan. Thank him for the luxuries he has given to you, thinking of the people who starve whole of their lives for the basic necessities. Thank him for your normal eyes, ears, hands, legs, brain.., thinking how many people pass whole of their lives without them. After you have thanked god for these you won’t really mind few things that may be missing in your life.