Future Quotes

The Competition of Life: Journey towards attaining Success..True Statement..Future reference

The Competition is so fierce that if you forget something significant, it would become harder for you to sustain your journey towards attaining Success. In such scenarios, a lie can be the perfect remedy as it improves memory impeccably. Remember, it is an imaginary statement which occurs inside our heads and is mostly discarded after use, but for others it is a True Statement, and can be used as a Future reference also. Thus, it is very important for a Liar to keep in Mind every Single lie which he has ever uttered, making it an essential aspect to uphold one’s position in the competition.


Thinking Negative: losing Respect for the present is the most disastrous one..for future..

In the list of its disadvantages, losing Respect for the present is the most disastrous one. When a person continuously plans for future, he develops dissatisfaction towards his present condition. As a result, he plans even more, getting indefinetly stuck in this vicious circle. Most of us are already in this circle, dissatisfied with our present state. Though the damage cannot be reversed, further harm can very much be prevented by introducing the factor of risks in our planning.