About Marriage: Marriage is the union of two divinities, abolishes Loneliness, It is a Love..the Courage..all Beauty

Marriage is the union of two divinities that third might be Born on Earth. It Abolishes separateness. It abolishes Loneliness. It is a Love so Strong that it makes two separate people vow to each other, for being with each other- in Sickness and Bankruptcy. Only those who don’t have the Courage to vow-overrate it. Lest, it’s all Beauty.


Best Women to Marry Quote: Your Mother/ Father wants you to..worth trusting if her thoughts on the life-cycle of a Relationship

Don’t let the fact that you’ve seen different types of women ruin the relationship that you might get into this stage. I agree that it doesn’t make sense for you to jump the gun and sign up for a matrimonial website just because your mother/ father wants you to. Take your time, figure out if the person is worth trusting if her thoughts on the life-cycle of a relationship concur with yours, and in the process, try not to kill her with your tests.


Men Finding Women to Marry Quote: the girl you’ll spend the rest of your life with..

It might pull you down if you’re someone with ridiculously high expectations about the girl you’ll spend the rest of your life with. I’m just saying that you should go ahead and exchange vows with the next girl who hold your hand for a minute. But if you’re one of the experienced dating-type alpha males, you need to slow down on the million-odd checks that you tend to perform on everyone and let things figure themselves out


Being Single Quote: Found the marry..much time looking for her

If I tried to play the devil’s advocate here, I would be inclined to point out everything that’s wrong with being single. But then again, what people think or what I think really doesn’t matter because marriage or even a serious commitment doesn’t mean the thing for everyone. So, if you haven’t found the woman whom you’d ask to marry, you’ve either spent too much time looking for her or you haven’t looked for her at all.


About Compatibility in a Relationships: Our Mothers and Grandmothers could take Violent, drunkard Men..Marriage isn’t overrated

Compatibility matters, but it’s wrong to say that an incompatible couple can never live happily. Differences don’t kill a Relationship, the incapability to handle differences does. Our compromising levels are decreasing steadily. Our Mothers and Grandmothers could take Violent, drunkard Men. Now, Women are more vocal about what they want and why they want what they want. Marriage isn’t overrated. It is the selection of the right partner that is much underrated.