Secret of Happy Marriage Relationship Quote/SMS: In married life clashes are inevitable…spouse…corrected in public

In married life clashes are inevitable. If husband or wife does some wrong , the issue must be raised then and there and should not be evaded in the fear of inviting clashes. Once we accept something which is wrong, we have to accept it forever and it will continue life long. Mistakes of the spouse must be discussed in a closed room and it should not be corrected in public.


Finding Perfect Girl for Marriage Quote: The Best Person on this’ll still end up finding a flaw with her

Every girl, for whom you develop a soft corner, is eventually made to run through those tests to understand if she is wife-material. And immediately afterwards, you realize that the thing about the non-existence of ideal perfection is true. It doesn’t matter if you pick the best person on this planet, you’ll still end up finding a flaw or two with her.