Angry Quotes

Let Go Anger & Hate for Good Health Quote: A Happy Mind sends joys..Face, radiant Life & World…Negative Feelings…

It has now been proved that Cancer is a result of deep seated Anger and Resentment. As the Negative feelings go, so do the Disease. Once the Mental Negative Energy is released, the mind feels fresh and new. A Happy Mind sends joys across the arteries, veins, bones and nerves. It creates a Radiant Face, a radiant Life and a radiant World. It doesn’t matter for how long you have harboured an ill feeling, what matters is one simple question- Are you ready to let go?


Anger & Forgiveness Life Quote: Sit quietly and close your eyes..the more you resist, the more it persists

If you feel anger, feel it. Don’t suppress it. Don’t resist it. The more you resist, the more it persists. It is exactly here that you need to apply the forgiveness therapy. Sit Quietly and close your eyes. Imagine the presence of the abuser in front of you. Spell out your anger. Say what all you have suppressed for a long time. Speak up your resentment. Continue as long as you have any residual hatred. Realize that he became what he became due to the circumstances that he lived in. When you feel Calm, imagine him Smile. Cut the cord between you two. Set yourself Free.